By visiting this site you are obviously interested in learning more about naturopathic medicine and improving your health. You recognize that in order to achieve optimal wellness you need to take control of your own health care and are one more step closer to attaining that goal. Congratulations!

It is my hope that we will be able to work together as a partnership to regain the health and vitality we all deserve. Healthiness is more than the absence of disease. Optimum health means functioning at the highest possible level, and includes positive emotions, thoughts and actions. The capacity for wellness is inherent in everyone.

As we work together you will see how committed I am to all my patients. When someone comes into my office, I think, how would I treat this person if they were a family member or if it were my money that needed to be spent? I will not recommend supplements you don’t need, or offer services that won’t help. I use tools that work, and I use them on the people that they work with. You won’t find me over-prescribing or over-treating. And if you have a question about anything involving your care, be sure to ask – you’ll get a clear explanation that makes sense.