Hormonal Balance Program

Ahh hormones.  When we think of hormones we often think of sexual and reproductive health but their role in not limited to these areas as you can see by the various conditions and symptoms listed below. 

I have prescription rights to natural desiccated thyroid, bioidentical progesterone and bioidentical estrogen however you may need more than this.  This is why I have established a collaborative relationship with a Nurse Practitioner so you can have access to oral progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and DHEA.   

Symptoms of Sex Hormone Imbalance in Women: 

Wrinkling skin                  Decreased bone density                Low sex drive               Nervous tension 

Persistent cough                Mood swings/confusion               Fatigue                         Fine lines around eyes  

Facial hair growth             Weight gain                                  Thinning hair                  Hair loss  

Constipation                      Increased incidence of cysts        Depression                   Osteoporosis 

Insomnia                           Rapid heartbeat                            Shortness of breath      Backache 

Urinary incontinence        Loss of appetite                            Dizzy spells                   Vaginal numbness 

Bladder infection              Increased gas                                Dry nose & mouth       Skin rash/irritation 

Attention deficiencies       Dry eyes                                       Headaches                     Aching joints 

Weakness                          Memory loss                                Dry skin                           Vaginal dryness 

Hot flashes                        Night Sweats                               Cold sweats                     Diarrhea 

Carb cravings                    Tingling in hands & feet            Irritability                      Vaginal discharge 

Lack of energy                  Breast tenderness                      High cholesterol          Irritable bowel syndrome 

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Men: 

Aches, pains & stiffness                     Cognitive concerns                      Decline in general well-being 

Decreased energy                               Decreased libido                          Depression 

Excessive sweating                             Higher cholesterol                        Irritability 

Lack of skin elasticity                         Metabolic syndrome                    Osteoporosis 

Sleep issues                                         Anxiety                                           Concern about diabetes 

Decreased beard growth                  Decreased hair                              Depressed mood 

Erectile dysfunction                           Fatigue                                            Increased abdominal fat 

Joint pain & muscles                          Loss of muscle                               Loss of vitality 

Nervousness                                       Poor exercise recovery                 Weight gain 

Women & Men – Symptoms of Low Thyroid Function (may have normal lab results):  

Anxiety                                        Sleep issues                        Depression  

Thinning eyebrows                    Hair loss                              Cognitive concerns           

Decline in well-being                Decreased energy             Depressed mood 

Excessive sweating                    Nervousness                      Fatigue 

Increased fat around the abdomen                                    Cold feet &/or hands 

Irritability                                   Weight gain – abdomen, buttocks, thighs  

Treatment Options: 

Hormonal imbalances result from stress and poor diet and lifestyle choices.  I can help you identify and address these issues while using your choice of bio-identical hormones, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and nutrition.

Comprehensive hormone testing is available which allows me to customize a treatment plan that is unique and safe.