Herbal / Botanical Medicine

In recent years CBD products have become extremely popular. It is easy to see why. Herbal medicines are very powerful while having fewer side effects when compared to traditional pharmaceuticals.

But CBD is only one of thousands of powerful herbal medicines. There are thousands of botanical medicines. They can treat symptoms or the underlying cause of disease, depending on how they are used. It is my hope that anyone who is taking any herbal medicine is addressing the cause not just dealing with the symptoms, since this is where true healing occurs. However, I know the value of getting symptomatic relief.

You should always consult with a knowledgable qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal medicines to avoid the serious health consequences of self-diagnosis and treatment. As well, many herbal medicines on store shelves do not contain adequate amounts, if any, of the active constituents. By working with an ND you can find products that will help you get the results you are looking for.