Homeopathic Drainage

This type of medicine is also called biotherapeutic drainage, homotoxicology or complex homeopathy.

Biotherapeutic drainage allows the body to eliminate toxins in a way that supports the body’s normal function. It is not the same as herbal and diet based detoxification programs. I have found that herbal and diet detoxes do have benefit, but they just skim the surface of the pool while drainage remedies clean the water. 

I discovered Biotherapeutic drainage early in my practice and started including these remedies in my treatment protocols.

The results of these remedies were profound.  Without the need for difficult diets and expensive supplements patients were getting results more quickly and permanently.

The most long lasting and effective way of restoring health to the body, is to remove toxins from inside and outside our cells.  When this is done, we help support proper body function, thus encouraging the body back into balance and self-regulation where true healing can begin.  Drainage remedies are the only way I have found that effectively does this.   

Who Can Benefit? 

Most conditions can benefit from Biotherapeutic Drainage, including: 

Anxiety/depression                                 Menopause                              Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 

Infertility                                                   Persistent grief                         Recurrent urinary tract infections 

Numbness/tingling/nerve pain             Irritable bowel syndrome      Irritable bowel disease  

Insomnia                                                   Fibromyalgia                            Acid reflux                                        Chronic fatigue syndrome                     Thyroid disorders                     Joint pain                                           

High blood pressure                               Asthma                                      Allergies 

A Few Reasons to Consider Biotherapeutic Drainage  

Safety:  The formulas can be taken with your current medications, herbs and supplements without caution or contraindication. 

Targeted:  Biotherapeutic Drainage therapy can focus on the one organ system creating the most problems for you.

Gentle (yet profound):  These remedies are great for all but may be especially helpful for sensitive patients who poorly tolerate medications or supplements. Kids respond very well, too. 

Balancing:  They may be helpful in patients who are feeling “stuck” and have tried everything. By addressing underlying toxicity and imbalance at the cellular level other therapies can become more effective. 

Individualized: A knowledgeable practitioner to customize treatment to the unique nature of each person’s presentation. 

What Can I Expect? 

After consultation, a unique combination of 3-4 remedies is selected. Dosing is usually 7-15 drops of each taken 2x daily in a small amount of water, ideally 10-20 minutes away from meals. At this dose, the protocol lasts approximately 3 weeks, and a follow-up visit is recommended for the 4th week to assess your progress.  At that time, a new set of remedies is often chosen to continue the drainage and healing process. Each person responds differently. Some notice benefit in a few days, while others it takes a few months.