About My Practice

How do you choose which ND to see?

If you haven’t had an ND suggested to you by someone you know, it can be extremely difficult. Even then, can you trust their recommendation?  You go to a few websites and they more or less all sound the same. It is my hope that this section will give you a better idea about me and how I practice so you can make a more informed choice.

I have been in practice since 2001. This experience has sharpened my skills at quickly identifying the underlying issues of someone’s illness.  This means your overall health improves, not just the complaint that brought you to my door.  I want people to leave me not just feeling better but also less prone to developing future illness.

All Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine have the same foundational training. We are taught botanical/herbal medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition (diet and supplements), hydrotherapy, spinal manipulation, counseling, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Of the treatments taught in school, I primarily use are diet, supplements, homeopathy and herbs.  Through continuing education I have learned homeopathic drainage, Reiki, allergy elimination techniques and other energy medicine modalities.  These have been an invaluable addition to people’s treatment plans.

Depending on your situation, I may suggest some or all these approaches at different points. You ultimately have the choice of which therapies we use, so communication is important as we work together to improve your health.

I have also gained prescription rights to Vitamin D, Vitamin A, folate, natural desiccated thyroid, and bioidentical hormones so you can rest assured you have access to these if needed.

While I maintain a general practice, treating many common conditions, I see a great deal of people who are experiencing acute and chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease and thyroid dysfunction.

If you are unsure if I can help you with your issue(s), please feel free to call the office at 519-435-1742.  I’d be happy to answer your questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.